You must be familiar with one of the drinking tools called “mugs”. A mug can be said as a combination of a cup and glass. Compared to the cup, it was taller, more or less the same height as the glass. However, it does not have a stem-like glass, nor does it require a saucer or saucer to use it. As we promote, if you have a friend who is in the cryptocurrency world, we provide a Crypto Mug as a gift you can give.

Of course, this mug is not left plain, to be used as advertising or promotion media, a specific design is printed on its surface. This design can be a logo, image, name, or other text that becomes the identity of the company, agency, or organization. The specific design can be printed in full color or printed in one color.

The main benefit of promotional mugs, of course, is to find new customers so that the number of people who use the services or buy products of a company every day is increasing and even becoming regular customers.

So, how do you get people interested in using a company’s services or products? To find the answer, please refer to the following illustration:

A motorcycle service has just opened in the city of J so not many people know of its existence. Then the motorcycle service company distributes promotional mugs that have printed names, logos, addresses, and promos such as ongoing discounts or bonuses to potential customers for free.

Prospective customers who get the mug will definitely observe the mug, they will read the information printed on the mug. They then become aware of the existence of the motorbike service, if they are interested in the discounts or bonuses offered, they may end up trying to service the motorbike at the motorbike service.