Baby rockers are in demand for their ability to enhance a baby’s growth. Rockers can be said to be one of the important things that must be purchased by parents who have newborns or babies who have not yet learned to walk. The rocker is a baby keeper, in the form of a seat with a safety harness that will keep the babysitting safely and comfortably, not rolling over from the chair. Although some people are skeptical of rockers, this thing has its advantages as informed at You can’t deny that baby rocker are indeed useful, both for babies and for you as a parent. This is the benefit of baby rockers from

Can be used from birth
Did you know that almost all rockers can be used from a newborn baby? How do find out which rocker is suitable for babies aged 0+? Make sure there is an option to lie down on the stand. Usually, rockers have three sitting positions, namely lying down, half sitting, and sitting upright for babies who have learned to sit.

Rockers are portable, aka easy to lift and move. Rocker was created with an ergonomic design. Baby rockers are designed to better fit a baby’s fragile, growing spine. Hence, your baby can lie on the rocker without experiencing any discomfort or ill effects at a later stage. Rocker sizes are usually not too big, not heavy, compact and do not take up much space in your home. Some rockers are designed very simply so that they are suitable for traveling.

Baby Driven Rocker
Unlike the baby swing that uses electricity or batteries, the baby rocker is driven by the baby’s movement. So the movement is “natural”, not artificial. Baby’s natural movements have a calming effect, even for very young (newborn) babies. In the first months of life, your fruit will delight in lying comfortably and looking at your face or relaxing as you rock the rocker gently with your hands. Yes, you can also shake the rocker, because only active babies (over 3 months old) can shake their rocker.

Baby Feel Comfortable
The rockers are designed to mimic the movements your baby experiences in the womb or your arms. Hence, rockers have a miraculous effect as most babies feel soothed and comforted by the movement of the rockers. Babies can also enjoy resting in the rocker comfortably.