Because the name is Feminine, it doesn’t mean that Feminine Energy is only owned by women. Feminine energy is the energy that all of us have, regardless of gender. Therefore, this article is for everyone who is interested in creating more equanimity and improving the world. You can find out about YourHighestTruth – feminine power on our website.

When our planet is experiencing many disasters, environmental destruction and death, then it is clear that there is an excess of Masculine Energy behind it. Masculine energy is considered as a force that is responsible for governing, commanding, fighting, establishing power, and dominating. I’m not saying that Masculine Energy is bad, but actually it is also useful if it is equal to Feminine Energy. We really need to cultivate the feminine energy from within us, rebalancing it before it’s too late.

Feminine Energy is a form of energy shared by all beings. She is known by many names. Just like Masculine Energy, it is also the ‘half’ of the Spirit of Life. Both Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy both complement each other, working together harmoniously. When Masculine and Feminine are out of balance, the result is chaos.

Masculine Energy Imbalance
As an active force, Masculine is responsible for progress and evolution. Because the nature of life is to continue to experience growth and change, since we are here. But the dark side of Masculine is its attachment to power. When Masculine Energy dominates, it produces the power-hungry society we see today. The consequence is a world full of racial intolerance, religious conflicts, gender inequality, unbridled materialism resulting in large-scale environmental depletion. As a result climate change is leading to major natural disasters and social collapse.

It doesn’t matter what gender you are, here are the benefits when awakening the Feminine Energy within you:

Increased intuition (higher perception)
More flexibility and spontaneity
Greater self-love
Increasing love and acceptance of others
Connection with the Creator within
More ability to enjoy the little things in life
Respect yourself, others, and life
Increased ability to release
Grateful in any condition
Increased ability to relax, receive and manifest

Spend more time listening than talking. This is actually quite difficult considering we now live in the age of social media, where everyone just wants to be heard and seen. But if you can put the brakes on your habit of wanting to be listened to a little bit, you’ll find it easier to empathize.